LiFePO4 & Solar

The LiFePO4-PowerXtreme series is designed by experts specialized in LiFePO4 energy systems. Our experts develop a variety of energy systems for professional and end user applications. Specialties is what differentiates us.

All our LiFePO4-PowerXtreme batteries are monitored by our Battery Management System and are among the safest, most powerful and most environmentally friendly.

By applying our LiFePO4-PowerXtreme batteries you are guaranteed a solid power supply on board for all your electrical consumers such as lighting, navigation equipment, electric-winch and propulsion, bow thruster and back-up batteries.

With an average life span up to 10 times that of a traditional lead-acid battery, you have double the battery capacity at ¼ of the weight.

At a large range in operating temperature, -20 ° c ∼ 55 ° c, our LiFePO4-PowerXtreme batteries keep their capacity and can be 100% discharged.

In combination with a 5 year warranty, our LiFePO4-PowerXtreme batteries are a great investment with a 10 year life cycle.

All LiFePO4-PowerXtreme batteries are 100% recyclable.

Our LiFePO4-PowerXtreme batteries are part of a total marine energy system consisting of:

  • solar panels
  • load boosters
  • chargers and inverters
  • Everything is supported and controlled via BlueTooth through a free app

Soon available