Pipe Adaptor


The Pipe Adaptor (PA mount) is simply bonded to the outside of the pipe work allowing to fit a transducer. The ultrasonic pulses are directly transferred into the pipe wall, suppressing the build up of bio film and inhibiting marine growth as barnacles and other lava critter’s from embedding.
The Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling System in combination with the PA mounts have proven themselves the most credible alternative to impressed current/cathodic protection systems. Maintenance free, with no expensive anodes to replace, and completely safe on aluminium and steel vessels.

The PA mounts are suitable for all rigid pipes as steel, aluminium, Wavistrong ™ (Future pipe), stainless steel, titanium, rigid plastics. The PA mounts are available from stock in a number of standard sizes.

sonihull pipe adaptor datasheet

Stern Drive Adaptor



Stern Drives are problematic to protect due to the application of the many different materials they are composed of. With their moving parts and soft bellows regular antifouling paint are no option. The Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling System coupled with the Stern Drive Adaptor and bolted to the steering ram offers a great protection to this valuable and important part of the boat. Obtaining a realistic reduction in fouling of 80%. The transducer is simply screwed on the adaptor transferring the ultrasonic signal to the stern drive.



sonihull sterndrive datasheet

Mono & Duo Transducer Extension Cable



Transducer extension cable.

Available lengths 5 meter.




Sonihull8 Extension Cable


Transducer extension cable.

Available lengths 10 and 20 meter.




Monitor Cable


Monitor cable for system integration.

Available lengths from 10 meter.





Weldable Aluminium Mounting Ring



Weldable marine grade aluminium mounting ring, available: anodized / non anodized

Dimensions are 95 x 20mm.




Aluminium Mounting Ring with bottom




Marine grade, non anodized, aluminium mounting ring with bottom for bonding (not suitable for welding)